Tank Strategy Game

Tank Strategy Game

About game «Tank Strategy Game»

Tank Strategy Game is an excellent game in which you have to take part in tough tank battles. The battlefield will be the field where your base and your enemy's base are located. After the start of the battle, you move forward along with other friendly tanks that are on your team. Your task is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and stay alive. So, you need to drive your tank and move forward. As soon as you spot enemies, you can turn on the sniper scope and start firing accurate shots from the gun. You should aim very well and take a lead before firing so that the projectile hits the target. To destroy one enemy tank, you need to make 3-4 accurate hits on its hull, after which the tank will be knocked out and destroyed. You need to act carefully. It is not necessary to go fast forward, it is better to shoot at enemies from a distance.

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