Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever

About game «Red Ball Forever»

Wherever the hero's road leads, but it seems that he is not going to lose heart, and always follows at the behest of your keys to the place where the feat is to be accomplished. Let it be a very small, insignificant act within the universe, but sincere and honest. He will explore without resistance even the labyrinths of sewers, if it turns out that the treacherous squares have set up their headquarters there. The enemy tried to protect himself by spreading traps all the way. The ball, gape, can fall under the press or fall into a hole, as well as run into sharp spikes, and then it is finished. But, being attentive, you will not allow an irreparable tragedy to happen, and you will react to the situation in time.Playing Red Ball will be a warm-up before the big challenge. The levels will seem almost childish at first, but do not rush to make loud statements.

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