Volley Random

Volley Random

About game «Volley Random»

If you love playing outdoor sports, then don't miss the opportunity to have fun with some fun casual volleyball. This will allow you not only to feel the spirit of competition while fighting for victory, but also to have fun from the heart thanks to the ridiculous movements of the rag dolls. The game has two modes: one and two players. Whichever mode is preferred, four participants will appear on the playing field, which is a volleyball court, divided into two teams. This means that you will be controlling two volleyball players, trying to snatch victory from the opposing team, which also consists of two players. Depending on the selected mode, the team of opponents can be bots, or it will be under the control of your friend. The main task is to hit balls or other objects flying from the opposite side of the net, as well as do everything possible so that they touch the ground on the territory of the opposing team.

Watch how to play: