Orbiting Xmas Balls

Orbiting Xmas Balls

About game «Orbiting Xmas Balls»

You don't have to wait until Christmas to feel the real festive Christmas mood. You can just start a fun, simple game and enjoy the preparations for the long-awaited holiday and the opportunity to throw balls. To do this, you only need a computer mouse and your attentiveness. You get an important task - to sort and put into boxes a whole mountain of Orbiting Xmas Balls. And this big job will have to be done very quickly, you do not have additional time! Have you already prepared and want to start? Then let's arrange the boxes. There are many balls hanging from a thin rope. All of them need to be laid out in several boxes. You will have scissors to cut the strings. But it's not enough just to cut the thread and wait until the balls fall into the first box that comes across. Have fun playing the game on various devices.

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