Angry Zombies

Angry Zombies

About game «Angry Zombies»

In this game, those who are sick of zombies can strive to exterminate them. There are simply countless numbers of them here, and it is best to deal with all of these ghouls right away in order to prevent them from having the chance to cause further trouble. However, in order to reach the brain-eaters, you must first solve a puzzle made up of a number of challenges. Strangely enough, the enemies are encircled by buildings that must first be demolished in order to exact revenge on the ravenous beasts. To finally get rid of the zombies, try to make the fewest possible movements.

Get to know the brand-new action-packed shooter game that will certainly impress you! If you're a skilled gamer, you're familiar with how to handle zombies. They were eliminated in simulated environments with a variety of weapons, including sniper rifles, flamethrowers, handguns, guns, and rifles. They also entirely overlooked the strategy the bad birds employed to defeat the green pigs: slingshot shooting. Have a lot of fun!