Adam and Eve GO

Adam and Eve GO

About game «Adam and Eve GO»

The adventures of the funny primitive man Adam continues! This time we will not go far and travel around the entire prehistoric world. Now we are going to play primitive golf. With the help of available tools, Adam built a golf club for himself, and instead of a golf ball he will have a small round pebble. You need to hammer the ball directly into the hole and then Adam can go to the next level. To complete the level brilliantly, you need to collect all three gold stars. Sometimes you will come across dinosaurs. Some of them will help, and some will interfere. For example, if you roll a ball to a Triceratops, then he will throw it right into the hole. If the ball hits a pterodactyl, then it will push it into the abyss or vice versa into the hole. It all depends on the correctness and accuracy of your strike. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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