Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes

About game «Happy Snakes»

We have all played many times in the online games about snakes and worms that have become popular in a short time, which offered fans to fight against players from all over the world with the help of ever-growing heroes. Before the start of the game, each player chose a beautiful snake for himself and began to grow it. There were only two ways, either to collect small particles of food lying around the entire map, or to eat the rest of the players. But if the first method was slow and not so effective, then the second, on the contrary, could give an advantage over other players in a shorter time. only in this case, with the wrong strategy, it was possible to become food ourselves. One had only to bump into someone, and the game was over. How can one learn strategy if the bigger heroes always won and nothing can be done about it. It was this that served to create a new similar game where the Happy Snakes could grow up using a minimum of strategy, since all the snakes are controlled by a computer. Here you can get the necessary experience and reach the maximum size, you just have to try a little.

Watch how to play: