About game «Sprinter»

Play the Sprinter game for free online. Sports organizations are starting to properly guide their athletes as they become more and more capable of competing against one another. Many athletes will be able to gain the requisite experience by competing in a variety of races. The only thing that matters in any race is winning, therefore make every effort to do so. Win the 100-meter dash against all your opponents—the difficulty of each new level you unlock increases. You will win if you run 100 meters more quickly than the competition. Let's get moving!

The tournament begins at the starting line, where the competitors are lined up behind one another and waiting for the start signal shot from a unique pistol. Press the left and right arrows repeatedly to make your character go faster. The more you press them, the more opportunities you have to accelerate and overtake the remainder of the field. You must sprint to the finish line first to avoid losing your progress. Early on, try to elude your opponents while keeping your balance. Have fun with the game!