Elementals - Adventure Time

Elementals - Adventure Time

About game «Elementals - Adventure Time»

The moment has come for adventures with Finn and Jake if you've been playing adventure games and fighting, racing, and doing other common activities in front of a computer screen.

This time, in addition to your extraordinary trip to a new planet, you will also embark on a scorching adventure that will take place right in the center of the fiery pits of hell, where a tiny fire demon who has lost his way and is currently unable to find it is in desperate need of your assistance. The debt is calling, therefore don't hesitate to answer it because you are a true rescuer of the seven worlds and are prepared to help anyone in need. Keep in mind that jokes involving the fire element often end disastrously, and our baby is entirely covered in the fiery tongues of this powerful element. So each time you travel, try to burn this place to the ground while simultaneously exposing it to life. a hint of imminent disaster! Prepare to labor in the most trying circumstances, and don't be scared to burn your hands!