Doctor Kids Dentist

Doctor Kids Dentist

About game «Doctor Kids Dentist »

Welcome to the world of medical games and fun learning! If you dream of becoming a dentist or an ear doctor, this app is perfect for you. With four different medical games in one, you can treat various medical issues and learn about medicine in a fun and interactive way.

In the dental game, you will become a skilled dentist and treat your patients' teeth problems. Use dental tools like toothbrushes, drills, and dental floss to clean and fix their teeth. In the foot injury game, you will be an expert foot doctor, treating various foot injuries and helping your patients walk again. Use x-ray scanners, bandages, and ice packs to heal their wounds. In the hand-wound game, you will become a talented hand doctor, using stitches and bandages to heal your patients' hand injuries and make them feel better. So, if you're ready to have fun while learning about medicine, download this awesome app and start treating your patients in these exciting medical games! Get ready to become a doctor and make a difference in the lives of your patients. Let the fun and learning begin!