Kick The Dahmer

Kick The Dahmer

About game «Kick The Dahmer»

Do you need to let off steam and get rid of accumulated negativity? A boy named Dahmer will be of great help in this. It is the ego that can be kicked and beaten during the game, splashing out all the negative energy. Kicking Dahmer is a great way to have fun and relax.

It will be possible to beat Dahmer during many levels, in each of which this guy will appear on the screen. In order to hit the ego on the head, arm, leg or torso, you need to click the mouse on the corresponding part of the body. You can also throw Dahmer against the walls, which will also cause damage to him. At the initial stages of the game, it will be possible to beat the guy only by hitting him and throwing him. This is due to the lack of money, the amount of which would be enough to buy one of the weapons presented in the game arsenal. But every hit on Dahmer will bring funds that are summed up in the upper left corner of the screen. The top panel also contains an indicator that fills as the player beats the guy. Once this indicator is full, the current level will end.