Frozen Rush

Frozen Rush

About game «Frozen Rush»

If you miss the winter season, we suggest you immersing yourself in the fairy-tale world of Frozen Rush. Today we will take you right inside the cartoon, where you will act as the main characters, helping them in various important missions and tasks. Trolls kept a pile of magic crystals in the depths of the cave. They were to help the kingdom see the northern lights. But one day it turned out that the crystals had disappeared from that place, and the northern lights were also under threat. The trolls turned to our heroes for help, who with their intelligence would definitely help to solve that problem. You know these characters, because you definitely watched cartoons with them in the main roles. And now you will act with them in one team! Isn't that cool? The task is very simple. Each character must collect three crystals of the corresponding color. We believe that you can do it!

Watch how to play: