The Principle Of The Match 3 Games

In Match 3 games, the player has to make combinations on the playing field of three or more identical chips. At the beginning of the Match 3 game, the entire field is filled with chips of different colors in random order, and the player swaps the chips located in adjacent cells. If as a result of such a movement a row of three or more identical chips is formed, then they are destroyed, and new ones appear instead of them. The goal of these classic online games is to score as many points as possible in a limited amount of time. It is difficult to find a second such toy, the popularity of which would be simply universal. Elements according to the Match 3 principle are lined up by office workers, their bosses, security guards, employees of all stripes, children, students, and even housewives. Popular online Match 3 games exist in a huge number of modifications. But not a principle: move the game items so that a chain of three or more elements is lined up.

The Variety Of The Match 3 Games

New Match 3 games online appear constantly. And if you have played one of them at least once, it will be very easy for you to understand the gameplay of the newly created ones. The best of them are able to "enslave" entire teams, turning into a real epidemic. Match 3 browser-based online games have an almost infinite number of options! You can move them in a horizontal, vertical, and sometimes even diagonal direction so that the same elements form chains. The more they are, the more points will be “dropped” into the account. Lined-up chains disappear, in their place they fall down from somewhere, swim up, and new objects leave. And so on until the end. Many lovers of ancient civilizations and sacred knowledge prefer to immerse themselves in the free Match 3 games. You can play them online on the territory of Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, one of the Mayan cities, Mesopotamia, or another fictional city. And the legends according to which the action takes place in such an online toy are always aimed at some kind of mystery, decoding, activation of an artifact, translation of a manuscript, and so on. Therefore, they very quickly turn into online puzzles.