Not One

Not One

About game «Not One»

The goal of extraterrestrial life is to conquer our planet and subjugate everyone. Play the video game Not One online to stop them. You have missiles that fly on a single path. Be patient and wait for the right moment to take a picture. We believe you will be prosperous.

The new adventure game Not One will definitely appeal to those who like action games and space-related concepts. People from Earth have long traveled to mine on the martian Surface, where the game is set. For this, they erected enormous mining camps. A missile launcher was also installed on the planet as protection against potential enemies. And as it ended out, it was not in vain, as planet-attacking alien soldiers suddenly appear one day. For the protection of people and significant areas, you must take command authority. Gain points by firing precisely directed missiles at the aliens to take out their fleet. Win the battle between the stars. Using a touch screen or a mouse to control. Enjoy yourself and luck!