Num Cannons

Num Cannons

About game «Num Cannons»

It is not surprising that more individuals are selecting educational games for amusement and education gave how integral numbers are to every part of human life. Don't think that the activities in this category would be entertaining to only kids.

Of course, the major focus of math games is counting and fundamental arithmetic calculations. Num Cannons is an excellent educational game about math drills. Because counting while playing a game is far more pleasurable, the kid will be able to take up counting quickly. To win the game, pop the balloon with the cannon. A bubble with the mathematical form written on it is sinking down from above, and four cannons bearing numbers are below. The child has to find and shoot a cannon with the number four on it. When the cannon discharges exactly at the ball, it will detonate. The game has a lot of levels and three different difficulty settings, so you can play for a while and improve your understanding. To play the game, you must use a mouse.