2: Chaos Giant

1 2: Chaos Giant

About game « 2: Chaos Giant»

A game with shooter aspects in which you must defend yourself against adversaries. They'll come at you from all sides. Various objects that can be utilized to fight the adversary may be found in the player's arsenal. You must navigate the playing area while avoiding opponent attacks and striking them with your weapons. On the field, there are artifacts that can both help and hurt the player.

The game does not present any significant control issues. The mouse is used to control every aspect of the game. The direction of movement is indicated by rotating the mouse. By pressing the wheel, you can come to a halt and continue. The left mouse button is used to assault. Because the adversaries assault from all sides, the player must keep a close eye on the game. You must have sufficient time to turn back and strike. On the field, there are boosters that accelerate the opponent. You can also detonate a mine or get additional cash. You can choose a playable character by watching a video in the game's store.