Mineblock Helicopter Adventure

Mineblock Helicopter Adventure

About game «Mineblock Helicopter Adventure»

Try to play Minecraft, but with a certain add-on that will allow you to fly in a helicopter. The game took on some details from Minecraft, but the gameplay is completely different from it. Here you will see a system of levels that are independent of each other. You will need to fly over the landing pads in a helicopter. Help Steve fly correctly! Good luck! You can control the helicopter with the mouse. You will have to set the trajectory of its flight, and then the helicopter will fly on its own. The helicopter will fly exactly on the given trajectory, so build it logically. On your way there will be various obstacles and monsters that you must avoid. This game is going to teach you many valuable skills that are applicable not only in this and other games, but also in real life. Have a good game!

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