Kogama Escape From Prison

Kogama Escape From Prison

About game «Kogama Escape From Prison»

No one is certain how his adventure will turn out if he doesn't find help soon. Our hero has no memory of what happened to him in the Kogami world that caused him to end up in a real jail, but that information is no longer crucial. Therefore, we urge you to set aside your private issues and concentrate on rescuing your hero.

Before you begin the rescue, you can choose the color of your team, and it turns out that all the prisoners have been split into two camps; nevertheless, neither the camp nor the team will prevail. But rather than the camp or the team, one fortunate individual will be the first to hit the target. By the way, the first barrier in the way of our prisoner might be enormous bars that are placed so closely together that it is impossible to pass through them; however, this is only the first barrier; there are many more ahead, including armed guards and traps that contain an unidentifiable liquid, which we do not advise. After looking in every crevice and all over the room, you'll come to the conclusion that there is no way out. Can you find it?