Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics

Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics

About game «Guardians of the Galaxy: Legendary Relics»

You set out on an intergalactic expedition with the other Guardians of the Galaxy to bring the missing artifacts back to the Collector. The road ahead is treacherous and long. Your shuttle travels at a high rate of speed, and you must navigate past obstacles on the path at all times. You can also gather bonus coins, which will let you come much closer to the artifacts. You will need to assist other Guardians in finding artifacts when the spacecraft lands on the following planet by helping them solve problems.

The cosmos is beckoning you on a protracted and perilous mission to find and deliver stolen (apparently forever) artifacts to the Collector. To assist the Guardians of the Galaxy in their puzzle-solving, you will need to fly with them. Use the keyboard or the mouse to navigate and rebuild with Milano while avoiding obstacles. Be cautious, though, as Yondu is around and he too is searching for artifacts! Do not allow him to surpass you and receive a reward! The arrow keys are used for control. Along the way, don't forget to complete puzzles and gather point coins.