Super Mario Rush

Super Mario Rush

About game «Super Mario Rush»

Meet our familiar plumber in Super Mario Rush, who repeatedly embarks on a variety of escapades because either he gets tired sitting still or someone wants his assistance. Now the main character has to tour three worlds and explore the situation, finding out what is occurring there and what type of creatures live? You must keep your eyes alert as you survey the areas because hazardous monsters never sleep. You must proceed with utmost caution when passing one of these metal structures because some of them are depicted like carnivorous plants emerging from pipes. Mario must jump continuously since he will frequently run into cliffs between which lava flows.

There are numerous additional barriers on the protagonist's path that could keep you from getting to the checkpoint. Jump over wooden stakes poking out of the ground, avoid spinning saws, and move cautiously close to pipes that could be hiding predatory plants. Don't forget to gather coins and other beneficial extras that add to the excitement of the game.