Bus Simulator Public Transport

Bus Simulator Public Transport

About game «Bus Simulator Public Transport»

introducing a 3D game where players can take control of a massive city bus and travel with passengers. Keep in mind all the times you personally took a bus like that and fantasized about being the driver. You would undoubtedly drive your bus far more carefully if you wanted to ensure that the passengers arrived at the bus stop safely. However, are you prepared to go a significant distance, are you able to handle a bus, and what will you do in a challenging circumstance that may arise along the way? Your journey will start in the middle of a bustling city, where many people are trying to reach the same destination. By the way, once you've completed the main objective of the game Bus Simulator Public Transport, you can ride about for no particular reason.

The assignment is to move throughout the city and watch while people are transported and at passenger stops. Use the navigator's advice to find your way, and stop next to him to pick up a passenger from a stop. Give each flight a certain time slot; if you are late, you will not be compensated, and this will only result in a loss.