Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

About game «Finn & Bones - Adventure Time»

We invite you to visit an unusual world, where everything turned upside down and magic began to penetrate into the normal state of affairs. Everything there looks different. People, animals, objects and everything else became different. That's where the well-known heroes Finn and Jack live. Play the game Finn & Bones - Adventure Time to find out what adventures they have prepared for you this time. We can open the curtain for you a little bit. Our protagonist is in trouble and now needs your help. More precisely, his friend was in trouble, because he was stolen and hidden in a very dark and distant place. That is why you will go on a journey in search of our friend. On your way, avoid obstacles and enemies that will prevent you from going to the goal. You will have to take part in real battles, where your task will be to defeat the terrible monsters. Develop effective tactics to win.

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