Real Chess

Real Chess

About game «Real Chess»

We are happy to present one of the most ancient and exciting logic games, but this does not prevent it from being relevant today. Of course, you guessed what game we are talking about, this is Real Chess. We got this game from India, as, in principle, to all countries. Previously, the game had a different name, but when it got to Europe it acquired its current name. Already then the game had a special board with 64 cells of black and white colors, 16 pieces, respectively, white and 16 black. We will play standard chess with standard rules, that is, generally accepted, and by the way, this version of the game is one of the best because of its simplicity and the ability to play with both a computer opponent and a real person. So why don't you play chess with a friend on the same computer? Have much fun!

Watch how to play: