The Bungee - Gumball

The Bungee - Gumball

About game «The Bungee - Gumball»

Funny 12-year-old cat Gumball made a peaceful transition from the cartoon to the online world and quickly rose to fame as a popular figure in several games. In the newest The Bungee - Gumball escapades, meet the cat! Gumball, who resides in the fictional city of Elmore, is supported by numerous friends, classmates, and family members who assist him in a variety of problems that the character frequently encounters. The protagonist learns nothing from this and once more finds himself in the past, but this only works in your favor because else there wouldn't be any humorous games with intriguing plots. This time, the cat chose to surround a city flowerbed in order to give his girlfriend a bunch of flowers.

Although it is a dangerous and unlawful profession, the cat managed to halt it once. As usual, he had another insane idea: the hero would use an elastic rope called a bungee to attach himself to the fence so that as soon as the operation was through, the rope would swiftly draw him back. In the game The Bungee - Gumball, assist the unfortunate burglar to gather daisies.