Metal Army War Revenge

Metal Army War Revenge

About game «Metal Army War Revenge»

The battle against the Metal Army rages on, and it's time for our heroes to seek revenge and put an end to the robots' evil plans. In the heart of the dense jungle, the robots have devised a sinister plot, but with your help, they won't succeed. Prepare yourself for the Revenge episode and embark on a thrilling mission to save the world. Equipped with new and powerful weapons, you'll face off against formidable enemies. Use your arsenal to unleash devastating attacks and overcome the robot forces that stand in your way. Watch out for traps strategically placed by the enemy and navigate through challenging environments with precision.

One of your crucial objectives will be to rescue hostages held captive by the robots. Save them from harm and lead them to safety, earning their gratitude and strengthening your resolve. Every life you save brings us closer to victory. Remember, the fate of the world rests in your hands. Only by fighting with courage, skill, and determination can we overcome the Metal Army and bring peace back to our lands.