Money Rush

Money Rush

About game «Money Rush»

Today, odd personalities take part in a spectacular race. We're talking about gold coins, which ought to not only succeed but also be made in the biggest number. You will help finish all of the tasks that the coins have been assigned. Each succeeding level will contain gold coins, so you'll need to gather as many as you can. To help with this, specific frames that are there from start to finish should be employed.

The one and only color combinations utilized to paint the margins are blue and red. More coins will pass through the blue frames when there are more of them. If the coins fall inside the red frames, there will be fewer coins. Once there are no more coins, the level will be lost. The amount by which the number of coins will significantly reduce is specified in the text on the frame. Pay particular attention to the notice next to the number as well. Try to direct the coins toward the frames using the mouse so that they can go through them as many times as a way to enhance their number.