Tricky Tap

Tricky Tap

About game «Tricky Tap»

You can have a fun time playing the online game Tricky Tap. Many clocks with running hands will appear on your screen. You must be there when the white clock is looking in the direction of the black clock. Now that the control has been transferred to the next guard, you can begin firing. The level will end when there is only one clock left on the playing surface.

In Tricky Tap, the clock is the main game element. There are four of them on the field: three white dials and one black dial. The task's goal is to shoot at the white ones using the revolving arrow in the black clock. After the shot, the clock's number and dimensions will change. This causes the game to be difficult. As the game goes on, there are more watches to be removed, and there are more watches overall. Fire fast, precisely, and promptly because there is a limited amount of time per round. Objects are clicked with the mouse. Missing is forbidden since you'll lose. The prizes are stars and points. Good luck and have fun!