Football Soccer World Cup

Football Soccer World Cup

About game «Football Soccer World Cup»

You'd better start warming up your muscles for Football Soccer World Cup since you have challenging matches ahead of you. As you enter the football field, cheers from the crowd fill the air. Try to give a fantastic performance to win their admiration! Can you take your squad to the top of the league and win the world title?

On the Dendy console, there are some games where it is suggested to enter the setting of sporting events to choose the victor in the current round. You have the chance to demonstrate your football talents right now by using the conventional regulations to kick the ball into the opponent's goal. There have been various gameplay adjustments; brawls are now permitted and can be used to swiftly take the initiative from the opposition. assemble a group of up to four buddies. Along with them, you'll be able to laugh, joke about, and have fun with the humorously sketched characters. Demonstrate your football skill and have fun on the field! We wish you the greatest time!