About game «Gangsters»

We frequently hear about gangster confrontations in the news. And you know, it's excellent that common people aren't often present at them since they protect themselves and could suffer immensely if someone noticed the disassembly. The main characters in the video game Gangsters are a perfect example of how cruel all gangsters are and should participate in the next confrontation. The transfer of influence's spheres of influence caused everything to occur, and to prevent unneeded witnesses, gangsters from rival factions traveled to run-down areas.

So now that everything is set up for the battle, two gangs of criminals have shown up there. They divided into equal-sized groups and placed the automobile in the middle. The two groups are, incidentally, each armed with a pair of gasoline saws and pistols. Your gang only has saws. Although it may appear that handling a handgun is simpler, a saw will almost certainly not misfire, killing the attacker instantly. Manage every gangster simultaneously to put an end to this conflict.