Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

About game «Spider Man: Mysterio Rush»

It's been 20 years since the first 3D Spider-Man game was released. Games based on films - Spider-Man: The Game, separate story stories - Spider-Man Web of Shadows or game comic book variations - The Ultimate Spider-Man were released. The villain Mysterio appeared in the city and plotted a new dirty trick. He challenges our super-hero to battle. Can Spider-Man stop the villain? At each level of the game Spider-Man Breakthrough Mysterio you will convince you to receive tasks that you need to complete - fly 150 meters on a rope, defeat monsters, fly through the ring and much more. Defeat Mysterio's assistants, and then it will come to the very super-villain. Spider Man: Mysterio Rush is an arcade game about Spider-Man slicing through the air and collecting coins. Help the superhero defeat the insidious Mysterio, who has sprayed hallucinogenic gas over New York.Good luck!

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