Little Princess Dentist Adventure

Little Princess Dentist Adventure

About game «Little Princess Dentist Adventure»

In the morning, young Princess Anna awakened with a terrible toothache. She put on some clothes and headed to the hospital. In the video game Little Princess Dentist Adventure, you play a dentist who works in a dental office. The screen in front of you will show your workspace, complete with a chair. It is where your patient will sit. To find out what's wrong with the girl, you'll need to thoroughly inspect her oral cavity. After that, you will need to carry out a series of procedures targeted at treating the girl's teeth using specialized medical equipment and supplies.

The position of the chair in your workplace will be shown on the screen as it is set up. It will be occupied by your patient. Identify the causation of her disease, perform a complete mouth examination, and start treating her. Then you must carry out a series of procedures using certain medical devices and medications to treat the girl's teeth. When you're finished, the princess's teeth will be fixed, and she'll be permitted to go home. Have a wonderful time!