Castle Defender Saga

Castle Defender Saga

About game «Castle Defender Saga»

In the fantastic strategy game Castle Defender Saga, you must protect your citadel against the attacks of the opposing army! You have a lot of thrilling stages ahead of you where you must defend your stronghold from many waves of adversaries. We advise you to start by going through a brief tutorial that will familiarize you with the game's fundamental principles. Prevent the incursion of the zombies on your territory by defeating titanic boss battles!

The decision of one of three random bonuses comes before the start of the castle's defense. It will marginally increase the player's chances of success at the beginning of each level. You must use the left mouse button to click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen to begin the combat. Following that, you can begin leading different soldier classes, such as cavalry, warriors, and archers. There will be magicians in your army, and by calling one of them, you can cast a deadly spell on your adversaries. Mana will be used up each time you perform a skill.