What Are Defense Games?

Defense games are mainly based on the well-known tower defense game genre, where the player has to defend his base, territory, path or path from many waves of attacking enemies. In these online defense games, your mission is simple: keep the enemy out. It may be an easy task, but it can cost you blood if you don't play very smart. Enemy forces don't respect your borders and they go straight to your land to try to conquer it. Fortify your position behind the wall and set up your defenses to destroy them before they get to your gates! This will require resources, hard work and a well-thought-out strategy!

The Variety Of Defense Games

Games of this genre are one of the subtypes of modern strategies, often with the addition of action. Often it is called differently - "defense of the castle" or "protection of the tower." However, you will not have to defend the castle in every game, just like defending the tower. Somewhere you will have to defend the interests of your tribe, in other cases - protect the planet, defend yourself from aliens, or even protect the lair of your hero's virtual relatives (humans, orcs, animals, birds, insects) from invasions. Such games will interest every player, regardless of age and disposition, because the gameplay is not at all complicated, and the controls are very simple. Usually, you need to collect resources and create troops to stop the opponents. Some games also allow you to place buildings or defense towers that automatically attack enemies and help you defend your castle or stronghold. In different defense games, you can build defense towers of different types, such as archers, bombers, mages, sorcerers or barracks with warriors. Get ready for an almost endless onslaught of enemy soldiers, formidable enemies, monsters and mysterious creatures that will try to break through your defenses. We have tower defense games in every genre! No matter what style you choose, we promise it will be hot! So draw up your battle plans, come up with your defense strategy and gather your troops. Will you be able to defend your kingdom? Let's see!