Battle Heroes 3

Battle Heroes 3

About game «Battle Heroes 3»

The hero serves as a hired gun sent to the kingdom's frontiers. Explore the fantasy realm, practice your magic and battle skills, and improve your towers. The waves of adversaries assaulting the border holdings will be halted by warriors, towers, auras, magic, and weaponry. The unique aspects of this game are really cool. You must protect the kingdom and repel waves of adversaries in this game. Three groups are involved (Order, Dead, and Chaos). The hero and soldiers can grow in the game indefinitely. You'll be creating things, qualities, and abilities. Don't forget to explore the dungeon as well. You can hire a dragon to complete your job more quickly.

Increase your power and energy, and attend a school for weapon proficiency. Assault the caravans, protect the city, and set the captured cities free. The game is being created as a fantasy-era role-playing game. Gain more faction points by interacting with other players. Protect the kingdom and repel the onslaughts of adversaries. Take over resource mines and bolster defense structures. Have a wonderful time!