Galactic Invaders

Galactic Invaders

About game «Galactic Invaders»

The galaxy is in danger! But you can stop the invasion of foreign enemies in the online game Galactic Invaders. So, here you control a small but rather powerful spaceship that will attack all opponents if you control it correctly. In the upper part of the panel, space technologies and enemy ships are presented, which will also inflict retaliatory attacks. Control with the mouse and move through space, delivering accurate shots and dodging enemy attacks. At each level, new opponents are waiting for you, the number of which is only growing. You have a limited number of lives to complete the game, so be careful and agile. If you want to improve your agility and reaction, this game is for you. You can play this game on various types of devices for completely free on this website. have much fun and share your emotions with others!

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