Galactic Invaders

Galactic Invaders

About game «Galactic Invaders»

You can only now, as the commander of the magnificent Galaxy star cruiser, step into the world of space conflicts. You have been assigned a difficult task, the outcome of which will affect the fate of the whole human race. Your choices will determine the destiny of our planet, so you must take this mission carefully and utilize whatever means at your disposal to halt the alien invaders' march.

The globe is being approached by a sizable fleet of alien ships, and it is clear from the fact that all of its observatories were damaged or destroyed en route that this is not a peaceful approach. The captain must therefore undertake a sortie after familiarizing himself with the information in the flight center. It was noted on the package that it was highly confidential and would be destroyed after refresher training. By the way, our experts have long created spacecraft with cutting-edge armaments, for which the elimination of the enemy is not a problem, even if the attack comes from far worlds. As a result, hasten to the ship and fly towards the invaders. Start shooting hard as soon as you enter the planetary system to ensure that no opposing ship achieves its destination.