Galactic Attack

Galactic Attack

About game «Galactic Attack»

Nobody likes to miss playing online space games, especially if they can do it for free. Becoming an astronaut is less prominent today and there are more opportunities because you can pay to fly to other stars, but playing space games online is still a lot of fun. It's really enjoyable! Our galaxy has been invaded by hostile forces, who are destroying everything in their way. At this rate, alien spacecraft will be able to wipe out the entire galaxy. Take control of the spaceship and fight the alien adversaries since this must be accepted.

No longer do astronauts spend their entire time exploring and conducting research in space. Conflicts inevitably occur from excessive competitiveness. Two businesses will compete over the creation of one of the large asteroids in the video game Galactic Attack. It appears to be rich in minerals that are extremely uncommon on Earth. Through their extraction, any firm can become rich. A delicious dish that sparked a small argument. As our hero engages an army of adversaries, you will be in command of his ship, and by damaging their ship, you will contribute to his victory.