Classical Hippo Hunting

Classical Hippo Hunting

About game «Classical Hippo Hunting»

Although what kind of wildlife didn't we hunt with you for? You certainly didn't expect to be offered the chance to hunt hippos. With the use of a time machine, dinosaurs have been hunted before, though those hunts weren't as spectacular. But really, why not if the creators of the brand-new three-dimensional simulator invite us to embark on a hunt like that?

I'd want to start off by saying that hippos are not exactly common animals, so animal rights activists need not worry. It turns out that hippos have an infectious sickness that can spread to other animals and will eventually kill them. You are given the option to embark on a similar hunt to avoid this. Let us advise you right away that hippos can attack and become highly violent when they sense danger. In these circumstances, you should use a sniper rifle and shoot from the cover. Additionally, there is a finite amount of time for hunting; if the animals suddenly leave the grass and swim into the water, you will undoubtedly miss them.