Highschool Mean Girls

Highschool Mean Girls

About game «Highschool Mean Girls»

We offer all fashionistas to play our new game, where you can show your stylist skills and practice them! The fact is that the in school the senior classes in the evening will organize a themed party. And our girls are not ready for it at all! That's why they urgently need you! There was already a queue of several girls, so don't delay and start playing Highschool Mean Girls. Choose one of the girls who will be in front of you on the screen. After that, she will take you to her room, where you will dress her. First, think about the makeup that would be appropriate to do for such a party. Then proceed to the hairstyle. Then open the closet and choose the best outfit for the girl. Also, don't forget to complement the image with various accessories to make your girls school stars! Have a good time!

Watch how to play: