Tower Defense: Fish Attack

Tower Defense: Fish Attack

About game «Tower Defense: Fish Attack»

Who would have thought that one of the all-knowing conjurers would go as far as to ask the animals of the ocean depths for aid? Additionally, it is highly possible that the realm could not operate without witchcraft and magic, even though it is implausible that the marine inhabitants chose to support the evil magician's assault of their own free will. Although the invasion of aquatic life can be stopped, every animal will die in the meantime. You now have to protect the kingdom from invasion and drive everyone who arose from the ocean away because witchcraft has shown to be unreversible.

Soon the assault of the marine army will begin, and only a great strategist and leader will be able to halt the invasion. However, you won't be able to build up a fire position from each mentioned site at the start of the battle because doing so costs money and soldiers. The best strategists and tacticians planned to build protective defenses along the route to the kingdom. You should start off slowly because the scouts said that the enemy's opening ranks were made up of common fighters who would be easy to kill.

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