Agent P: Rebel Spy

Agent P: Rebel Spy

About game «Agent P: Rebel Spy»

This game is the true crossover, which you have never seen earlier in your life. The Play Agent P: Rebel Spy game is dedicated to the craziest fans of Phineas and Ferb and... Star Wars! Now you do not have to choose between the two options, because we combined the two favorite shows in one game. P has grown up and now he has taken a great o responsibility. He enrolled in the Rebel Alliance as the spy. And they entrusted him with a very important mission to save the galaxy. The biggest enemy of the main character is planning to conquer the whole world, and we must prevent him from doing this. For this purpose P needs to get in the Death Star and stop Darthenshmirtz. Run through the game world, jumping over the obstacles and getting onto the walls with the help of suckers. Do not forget to pick various items and guns on your way. All these objects will help your character to fulfill his primary goal. But the main mission is to obtain the disk, which is the key part of the enemy's weapon. At the beginning of the game you will be given instructions on how to perform your tasks.

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