Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time

Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time

About game «Rumble in the Nightosphere - Adventure Time»

This game was specially made for fans of the arcade genre and introduces players to well-known characters from the Adventure Time television series. You must now embark on a journey through unsettling sites found in other realms. Terrible monsters, disguised as skeletons, prowl the earth. All of your adversaries have varying degrees of defense; whilst some can be killed with a single strike, others are more difficult to deal with. They can be discovered among the skeletons not just wearing protective gear, but also flying creatures that slice through the sky, making it extra harder to defeat them.

Explore the areas you come across and venture inside the caves; you might still be able to locate a hidden treasure there. No matter how enticing it may be to close your eyes, remember that if you do so, you run the risk of being a monster's next meal. Additionally, check the ground beneath you because there are traps all around and it can be challenging to escape one if you fall into one. Have fun!