Penalty Power - Ben 10

Penalty Power - Ben 10

About game «Penalty Power - Ben 10»

Ben 10 Football Duel is an arcade game about hitting and deflecting soccer penalties with the characters from the Ben 10 cartoon universe. Alien guests flew to Earth and set the earthlings a condition: if they win a football match with the help of successfully scored penalties, the aliens will get the Earth. Ben decided to intervene and protect the interests of the human race, and you will help him score goals for uninvited guests. Your goal is to score as many points as possible with each hit. Shoot the ball past the defenders and aim for the goal in this epic shooting game. Play with Ben 10 and his friends in a thrilling penalty shootout! Defend your gates from the heads of your opponents and score as many goals as possible into the opponent's gates. Will you manage to get the champion title?

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