Infinite Bike Trials

Infinite Bike Trials

About game «Infinite Bike Trials»

Infinite Bike Trials is a race for all motorcyclists who love extreme sports and cannot live without adrenaline in their blood. Enjoy endless racing tracks built from rusty containers high in the sky. Only a real pro can ride here, who will drive forward on his motorcycle, not being afraid of heights! In the game you will find 10 incredible levels that will determine your abilities and skills to drive a motorcycle. At the very beginning of the game, you have only one motorcycle available - a sports bike. For completing levels, you earn money that can be spent on buying a new motorcycle, motocross or police. The more expensive the motorcycle, the better its speed, acceleration, handling and braking characteristics will be. Each track is built with many completely unpredictable turns, jumps and obstacles. Can you handle them?

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