Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

Zookeeper Caper - Clarence

About game «Zookeeper Caper - Clarence»

Cheerful Clarence is taking a sleigh ride with his best mates Sumo and Jeff. The act of pushing a sled back uphill is not at all as enjoyable as sliding down a hill at high speed. After some deliberation, the trio of comical boys decided to break into the zoo and grab the deer. You can ride like Santa Claus if you attach them to a sleigh. The friends will enter the zoo and break open a cage containing deer. The institution is currently locked up, and soldiers are posted around the exterior to prevent visitors from entering unauthorized areas. In the Zookeeper escapade, assist Clarence in sneaking past the guards. Keep the hero out of the guard's line of sight and pay attention to where the arrow is pointing close to him.

A genuine deer is being stolen from the zoo by Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo in the puzzle arcade game Zookeeper Caper - Clarence. To go sledding, of course. But they need your assistance to survive. Each of the game's several levels requires you to sneak past the zookeepers in order to cross the finish line.