Expert Goalkeeper

Expert Goalkeeper

About game «Expert Goalkeeper»

Each football player has a specific position and set of responsibilities, and failing to carry them out could result in his team's elimination from the game in addition to a defeat. The goalkeeper must be extremely alert and quick to respond to everything that happens around him or her. Expert Goalkeeper is the game for you if you believe you are the best goalkeeper on the football field and don't miss a single ball! Here, you must defend your team's entrances from an enemy attack. Your focus and fast thinking will be required. Only goalkeeper gloves that need to be moved in order to hit the ball are in your arsenal. A light touch will suffice to accomplish this. Try to earn extra points during the game so you may get new, cool gloves. A wonderful competition is Expert Goalkeeper. Thanks to the infinite combinations you can make, the game can never end.

Play the Expert Goalkeeper for free online. As you move your gloves to block or catch the ball, keep your eyes on the ball. You will receive one glove for each defense. Score a goal by gathering all three gloves. Enjoy playing Expert Goalkeeper.