Christmas Monster Lastwagen

Christmas Monster Lastwagen

About game «Christmas Monster Lastwagen»

The gorgeous winter days leading up to Christmas infuse the area with festive energy and good times. This is the bigfoot truck competition's Christmas Monster Lastwagen racing circuit on our platform, which is decked up in holiday lights, firework displays, and other winter decorations.

Monster truck competitions in our yard are the holidays in the game. Christmas Monster Lastwagen's ten stages contain some of the most astounding distances to cross. Even at the wheel of such a monstrous truck, you are an experienced racer, and such head-spinning exploits would drive a normal driver mad. Move forward, speed up, or slow down, but don't swerve. Try to gather coins as you travel. We'll celebrate you as a victor when you reach the finish line; see you soon! After starting your car, you'll need to drive quickly through all of these dangerous spots and, if necessary, use bounces to fly over particular portions of the path. Keep in mind that you can play this fantastic game on all of your different gadgets and devices.