Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel

About game «Drunken Duel»

This is a fantastic game for boys in which they may demonstrate their fighting abilities in a variety of street brawls. After a big drink at the pub, the game's protagonist could hardly stand and ran out into the street, flailing his fists. It appears that creating a large and noisy brawl was rather simple. Bad guys in the area should receive what they deserve! The game's dynamics are inspired by a drunken wrestling simulator. Show us your night-fighting prowess. Demonstrate that you're a seasoned drunk warrior! You may battle against the AI or invite a buddy to a drunken brawl to see who comes out on top! The game has eight different playable locales, including the Irish Pub, Kuja, Prison Cell, Trailer Park, and others. Fighters are awaiting for different things that can turn into guns in the hands of an intoxicated warrior on every map.

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