Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel

About game «Drunken Duel»

It's a good thing that the guns discharge rubber bullets and can only incapacitate an opponent without killing him when two stickmen decide to use them to settle things. And this fun started after a fight between the two of them that needed to be handled with force and weapons. We sincerely hope that you never experience situations like these and that you always make decisions in a considerate and calm manner—or, in extreme cases, with such virtual enjoyment!

The fact that the game may be played by both two players and a single player suggests that there are two game modes: one for playing by yourself and another for playing with a friend. By the way, you can control both heroes with a single key for each of the enemies, so you don't need a second keyboard or controller to play with someone else. The question of how to control a hero who only has one key to shoot appears along the route. But do not fear; there won't be any issues; following the initial shot, the stickman's hand will automatically lift, enabling you to make a more accurate shot.