Kingdom Defence: Mercenary

Kingdom Defence: Mercenary

About game «Kingdom Defence: Mercenary»

The goal of the tower defense game Kingdom Defence: Mercenary is to defend the kingdom from monster aggression with a combination of war games, magic weapons, castles, and guardians. A terrifying Monster is attacking your kingdom. To succeed in one of the war games in this tower defense, you must respond quickly and select the appropriate weaponry. Similar to strategy games, this TD tests your ability to be the best king and defend the entire kingdom. To play, use your mouse.

It is your responsibility to defend the kingdom's citizens from the numerous foes who are attacking them. Place defensive turrets along the road and try not to allow anyone past as you fend off enemies outside the main fortress. Don't forget to purchase numerous upgrades as you advance through the game; they will aid you in defeating hordes of creatures. You can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay thanks to the clear graphics and adequate music effects. Go to the rescue of the kingdom's citizens and eliminate all the creatures that are now attacking them!