The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion

About game «The Floor is Lava! Apple & Onion»

True brave travelers are not afraid of off-road conditions and dangers. Even impenetrable jungles, hot and endless deserts, tangled corridors of tombs are not scary for them, especially if there is a partner with whom you share joy and troubles. Bosom buddies Apple and Onion were entertaining on the court. However, they heard a terrific sound, then it turned extremely hot, after what something unexpected occured - an avalanche of fire began to full the area. Buddies quickly got onto onto the hills, so as not to burn alive. Lava stopped, but the buddies were right in the middle. To get to a safe point, you need to perform a dangerous task. Help the characters go up stairs and bridges, jumping over lava flows. Collect bills and be attentive. You can change between characters to pass the barriers in The Floor is Lava!

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