Real Dog Racing Simulator

Real Dog Racing Simulator

About game «Real Dog Racing Simulator»

For many, an active lifestyle becomes a credo, and they devote it to sports. Recently in many countries, racing between dogs has become widespread. As is evident, running competitions involving various dog breeds have recently grown common in numerous nations. There will be a highly significant running championship involving dogs of four different breeds today in the online game Real Dog Racing Simulator. As a result, it will be a highly responsible day for you because you will assist a young canine who wants to participate in dog racing. Consider that you are the championship's host and that your responsibility is to keep an eye on the dogs and assist one of them. Since this is what the dog is doing for the first time, he truly needs your assistance if he is to fulfill his dream of winning the competition. Are you prepared to help your dog beat the other dogs?

Today in Dog Racing Simulator you will help one dog win the championship in this sport. In front of you on the screen, you will see pens in which dogs will sit. At the signal, special doors will open and the dogs will run as fast as they can toward the finish line. Controlling your character you will have to overtake all your rivals. If there are obstacles on the road, you will have to make the dog jump over them all on the run or run around.